Our Program has two main purposes

To prepare and certify foreigners who are looking for opportunity to teach ESL in Vietnam and other countries after that.

To provide prospective and current English teachers in Vietnam with innovative and creative teaching methodology.

The partnership between AMVNX Academy and Concordia University means that our TESOL program trainees will have the opportunity to gain real teaching experience by teaching our real ESL students. Our real teaching experience will provide you a solid foundation to teach in Vietnam.

In addition to teaching real students during the training program, our TESOL students will have chances to work with our experienced TESOL professor from Concordia who also has great experience in teaching ESL in Vietnam.

Program Objectives

One of our TESOL program objectives is to accredit our ESL teachers with globally recognized and accredited qualification to teach in Vietnam and other countries. After completing our training program, Our ESL candidates will be

  • Knowledgeable about teaching theory and its practical application.
  • Knowledgeable about principles of language use
  • Confident in creating interactive and fun learning environment.
  • Confident in managing classrooms
  • Skilled in identifying students learning difficulties and having appropriate response regarding to each situation.

Training timeframe for 4 week program

  • 24 hours of study per week in person (total 120 hours)
  • 10 hours online ( reading and reflection, including lesson plan preparation) before the course opens.
  • 6 hours of real teaching experience at AMVNX Academy

We are providing 2 TESOL training classes per day following this schedule

June 5 – July 8 and July 10 – Aug 12

Morning class: 8AM – 12:00PM (Monday to Sat)

Afternoon class: 1:00PM – 5:00PM (Monday to Sat)